Friday, September 14, 2007

Day Nine: Grades

Back on track after a couple days sick:

Glory to the Filmmaker! (2007, Takeshi Kitano) 53

In The City of Sylvia (2007, José Luis Guerín) 87

A Girl Cut in Two (2007, Claude Chabrol) 66

Son of Rambow (2007, Garth Jennings) 37

Good Riddance (1980, Francis Mankiewicz) 62


Ryan said...

Ain't much of a gamble considerin' that you know you'll be able to see the Haynes sometime this year. Maybe swapping Silent Light for Sylvia -- that will be putting all your eggs in one Cypriot basket.

Jason said...

Yeah, I told myself it was getting distribution but it still kept me up for a couple hours last night. Thankfully it worked out fine.

Steve said...

Sylvia really is That Good, huh? Damn. Wish I'd seen it. I didn't even bother with Corroboree -- I napped instead.